Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator Review

The Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator is one of the best dehydrating appliances for food and comes with outstanding features.

This model, to be specific, is the best choice for a seasoned user, which means it might be difficult for a new user who is unable to gauge the proper heat and time settings needed to get the job done.

You can dehydrate foods that will be preservative and additive free, to ensure you are getting the healthiest of options for your family’s diet. You will be able to enjoy summer fruits during the middle of winter, thanks to the DHR30 by Waring Pro.

This appliance with a way to get your kids to eat five portions of vegetables and fruits per day; you can make healthy veggie chips which are a better alternative to commercially processed and chemical-laden potato chips. The nutrition levels will be maintained after the dehydration process.

However, this appliance lacks some characteristics, like a timer which means you need to be constantly monitoring the dehydrating process as it is ongoing.

It is available in black and a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer which is limited.


Expandable capacity

This appliance normally holds five trays which is sufficient for food dehydration and can be expanded to up to nine trays.

Vertical Heating System

This heating method is popular because it provides a uniform pattern of the heat all across the trays, and it is fast. It has a vertical heating system, in which the heated air is blown towards the trays by maximizing the air flow from the fan, which mounted at the top.

Good airflow system

The airflow system leads to the correct drying of all items that are placed on each tray according to the requirements of each food item. You can change the location if you what to quickly dehydrate the food content.

Modifiable thermostat

You can adjust the settings of the thermostat; the thermostat can be adjusted to three temperature settings of medium, high or low.

Expedient performance

It is user-friendly and provides an outstanding performance, particularly to the first-time users of the food dehydrator. The vertical technique offers you the opportunity to place the food contents with items needing the same degree and length of time for dehydrating.

Optional accessories

Fruit roll-up sheets and additional drying trays are a few accessories which you can get along with this appliance, either from the manufacturer or online shopping websites at a reasonable price.


  • The price is reasonable
  • Can be expanded very easily
  • The temperature settings are for three levels
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • High-quality dehydration
  • Multiple uses
  • Interlocking trays
  • Extremely noiseless


  • Unsupportive for daily users—It is the best appliance for individuals who do not need it on the daily basis. Everyday usage can drain the motor as well as the capability of drying very rapidly
  • Overheating Issue—This results in the melting of the trays. Hence you need to rotate the trays at regular intervals
  • Incapable of drying small-size food because the trays have small openings which allow small food items to fall through; does not fully serve the purpose of the appliance
  • Difficult to clean because of the fan is placed at the bottom; this allows food drippings which become difficult to clean and might cause damage
  • No timer—This makes the process of dehydrating very hard, so you have to be observant during the entire dehydration process
  • The problem determining the actual temperature—Difficult for a new user to determine the correct temperature.

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For a product which is affordable and it is suitable for your kitchen, then Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator is highly recommended for you. However, due to numerous issues, this might not be the best model for someone who is new to food dehydration.

Waring Pro DHR30 Dehydrator Review


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