L’Equipe Food Dehydrator Review

If you are serious about drying a variety of items including food, herbs, and flowers, then the L’Equipe 528 food dehydrator may be a great solution. It is an all-in-one dehydrator that allows you to work with larger batches.

If you have been trying to eat healthier and want to provide better-snacking alternatives for yourself or your family, then this is the perfect product to help you create delicious snacks that are healthy and tasty.

In addition, you can dry your own fresh herbs and store them until you need them. The same can be done with flowers for potpourri or floral arrangements. There are so many ways to use this dehydrator which makes it worth looking into.


  • A large amount of drying space, that totals 24 square feet, allow several different items to be dried at the same time
  • The dehydrator has 12 individual trays so batches can be easily separated and quickly accessed
  • It has solid-state variable temperature control so that setting the temperature is accurate and easy
  • Heat control features a microprocessor which helps keep the temperature and environmental conditions stable inside of the dehydrator
  • Streamline design looks attractive and is easy to use as well as clean
  • This lightweight dehydrator only weighs 11lbs. so it is easy to move and store
  • The dehydrator measures 17” x 10” x 11.8”
  • It features 500 watts of total power, which creates just the right amount of heat to create the perfect snack or project


  • This dehydrator is large enough to handle large batches of food or other products, but light enough to be very portable for easy storage
  • It is easy to save money on snacks with your own dehydrator. Simply put products that you would normally enjoy inside of the dehydrator and then you will have snacks you love without all of the chemicals and preservatives that are in the brands that you buy in the store
  • Eating healthier becomes much easier when you don’t have to worry about finding healthy snacks. If you have a dehydrator, then you will have plenty of good food to make the treats that you love. No more having to search for a treat or wonder what is in it. You will know that it is fresh and has wholesome ingredients that are delicious
  • If you grow fresh herbs or buy them fresh, you can use your dehydrator to make your own dried spices. It is as easy as putting them on the tray and selecting the proper settings. You can always have dried herbs for all of your recipes
  • If you enjoy working with dried flowers for floral arrangements or for use as potpourri, you can make your own special blends. Simply put the flowers or petals in the dehydrator and you can make your own. Flowers and petals dry wonderfully in the dehydrator and look much better than they would if you were to just let them air dry. Air drying also takes much longer and leaves them susceptible to mold and bacteria
  • If you like saving money on food and snacks, then this dehydrator would be the perfect addition to your kitchen. You can put your fresh fruits and vegetables in the dehydrator to make healthy snacks that are not only better for you than store bought, but they also are much cheaper to make. You can stop wasting money on expensive treats and make much better ones for a fraction of the price


  • If you do not use a dehydrator very often, or rarely eat dehydrated foods, then you might want to select a smaller model. This model is on the larger side and is designed to make large batches at one time
  • If you have a very small kitchen and are concerned with saving space, you might consider selecting a smaller model. Although it is very light and portable, it is still on the larger side so that it can create a larger amount or product at one time
  • The racks are shorter to save the product from being much larger than it is. This might make for a tighter squeeze when putting items onto the trays to be dried
  • This model does not have a temperature control but it is set to create the ideal temperature and environment that is perfect for drying most items that would be put in a dehydrator

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This dehydrator works incredibly well to create a variety of foods or other items that will save money and create wholesome snacks for families or individuals who are health conscious and would like to stay away from the chemicals in store-bought snacks. It is easier to lead a healthy lifestyle if there are wholesome snacks available when you want them. You can create batches in advance for trips, snacks, school lunches and a variety of other events and uses.

This model tends to take up a little more space than some of the smaller models on the market. The good thing about the size is that it has several trays that allow you to create many different items at one time.

The whole unit is lightweight at only eleven pounds, which means that it is quite portable and stores easily when you are not using it. It also has an attractive modern design that will complement the kitchen without looking out of place or bulky. The drawers are compactly designed to save on space so that the dehydrator is not too large to fit comfortably in most standard size kitchens.

Consider looking at smaller models if you have a compact kitchen or you are planning on using this model for a camper trailer or some similar situation. Overall, this dehydrator gives you the features of some of the more expensive dehydrators on the market without stretching your budget. It has environmental controls that maintain perfect conditions inside the unit so that the items inside come out perfect every time. If you are looking for a dependable food dehydrator that delivers great results without costing a fortune, then the L’Equipe Food Dehydrator might be the model for you.

L'Equipe Food Dehydrator Review

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