Is A Dehydrator Worth It?

Food dehydrators have come a long way from the huge machines that used to take up all the counter space in your kitchen. Now, you can get one that fits in the same amount of space as a small crockpot.

The applications for a dehydrator far exceed the applications for most other kitchen appliances. Not only that, but you will save money on food and on your energy bill with this seemingly small kitchen investment.

In fact, take a look at all these reasons why a dehydrator is worth it. When you are finished reading, you will find that purchasing one is the next step.

The money you save

Whether you are a family of one or a family of ten, it is cheaper to buy food in bulk. The problem with buying in bulk is storage. Using your dehydrator allows you to buy all your favorite fruits, vegetables, and even meats in larger quantities. You will save on your grocery bill this way.

If you are using your oven as a dehydrator, you already know what an impact it can make on your energy bill. A dehydrator is more efficient at removing moisture which allows it to do so in a less amount of time while using less energy. You save on your energy bill this way.

You can shop seasonally

Fruits and veggies are best when they are in season. The problem is that this means that you don’t get your favorite foods when they aren’t in season, or you have to pay a huge overhead to have them shipped to you from other places that grow them.

With a food dehydrator, you can buy your favorites in a large quantity and then have them all year long. With a one-year shelf life, you can have your favorite foods no matter what.

Dehydrating doesn’t mean that are limited to eating your fruits and veggies as a snack. You can rehydrate, much like beans, and add them to pies, cobblers, soups, stews, oatmeal, or any of your favorite dishes. It saves you money on your groceries, but it also allows you to buy what is on sale and use it whenever you want to.

Have healthy snacks on the go

The dehydration process takes out the moisture, but it leaves in the vitamins and minerals. Dehydrated fruits and veggies are a great way to increase your fiber, vitamin C, and more. It can help you to stay regular and feel better.

Dried fruits and veggies are easy and mess-free to take with you. You can store them in a way that makes them as easy to grab and throw into your bag. They have no added preservatives and no added sugar; they are sodium free. They are free of high-fructose corn-syrup. It is an easy way to give your child a snack on the go.

Dehydrated fruits can be thrown into a blender with some ice cream, milk, or ice and made into a healthy smoothie within minutes. There are so many great ways to incorporate dehydrated fruits and veggies into your diet that the dehydrator easily pays for itself in no time.

Dehydrated food takes up less space when you store it

Fruit is amazing. Veggies are delicious. Meat is good too. However, storing your food takes up a ton of space. Veggies must go in the crisper. Fruit has a very short shelf life. Meat has to be frozen to last. However, if you dehydrate it, you can put a whole basket of fruit into a single vacuum seal bag and lay it in a drawer.

Herbs are bushy and bulky, and they can be difficult to store because of this reason. However, all you have to do is put them in the dehydrator for a few hours and then you can place them in a small jar.

You will have herbs for flavoring all your favorite dishes without preservatives. You can even dehydrate onion and garlic to use later in your favorite dishes.

Meat is no different. You just need to trim the fat off; this is one instance when the fat does not mean flavor. In fact, fat can turn rancid and ruin your whole batch of meat. Even if you don’t like jerky, you will want to dehydrate meat. You can rehydrate it later in soups, stews, or even casseroles.

All the other stuff

Think beyond eating. People love food. However, people love getting gifts. You can make delicious fruit leathers and give them as gifts. You can make a homemade trail mix for your favorite camping or hiking enthusiasts. Or you can look beyond the eatables.

You can make homemade potpourri. Then you can put it in a beautiful container with a ribbon, and you have a beautiful gift. Plus, the smell of making the potpourri will fill your house with a beautiful aroma.


As you can see, food dehydrators are definitely worth it. You will find that you use them a lot all year long. Once you find out how easy and efficient they are to use, you will find more creative ways to use yours. You will want to get one for all the favorite people in your life.

Another great thing about the new dehydrators is that they are perfectly sized to fit into any cabinet, or on any shelf when not in use. They are very easy to maintain and clean. Of all the kitchen appliances, the dehydrator is probably one of the easiest to store, clean, and use. It comes apart so they can be cleaned with little effort.

All you need to do now is go ahead and order you one. You will find that they easily fit into any budget. So, is a dehydrator worth it? Yes, they are.

Is A Dehydrator Worth It?

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