Excalibur Dehydrator Reviews

Excalibur is one of the leading brands in food dehydrators. Whether you are looking for a way to preserve your fruits and veggies from your own garden, want to have fruit all year long, or just like the affordability of buying in bulk, a food dehydrator is a handy appliance to have around.

Most of them have a warranty of about one year. Most have plastic housings and trays to help them remain lightweight. The energy consumption is often next to nothing, especially when you compare using one to drying food in your oven. The question is, with so many models, How can you choose?

Here you will find a breakdown of the leading models. This is based on actual use from actual people; only the top rated made the list. Not all of them have the same features, but they are all made by Excalibur.

Excalibur 3500B 5 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator

You will love this smaller sized dehydrator. It comes equipped with poly screen inserts on plastic trays that pull out so that they are easy to clean. It also comes with five trays to provide 8 feet of drying space.

This dehydrator is BPA-free so you can be sure that you are safely dehydrating healthy treats for you and your family. The only downside is that the trays must be handled with care as they aren’t the sturdiest; be sure that you don’t tug or pull too hard when you are removing, inserting, or cleaning them.

It is an easy-to-use dehydrator that has few parts to ensure that it works properly. It runs at a very energy-efficient 440 watts.

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator

The best thing about this food dehydrator is that it offers nine drying trays in a 15-foot space. It offers an adjustable thermostat that can be adjusted as you see fit. You also have a manual on and off switch, in addition to the automatic timer option.

It is also available in several color options so that you can find the perfect one to match your décor. This dehydrator will also keep your energy bill down because it runs at 600 watts. This is perfect for everything from meat to herbs, and everything in between.

You can also completely remove the trays to use the interior to allow bread to rise. It is a truly versatile machine. There are only two negatives associated with this dehydrator. First, it is loud when it is running. It can be compared to the sound of a dishwasher.

Also, the size is rather large, and may not comfortably fit on your kitchen counter top if you have a small kitchen. It can also make it difficult to store when not in use.

Excalibur 3948CDB 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

With a 4-star Amazon rating, this isn’t a food dehydrator to dismiss. It is perfect for the large family or the family with a good-sized garden.  This dehydrator boasts a clear door that allows you to see the progress of the food inside.

It runs at 600 watts which means that your energy bill won’t skyrocket. While 15 feet is large, it still fits onto your counter top quite nicely. It has a timer that can go up to 2 days, and a thermostat that can be set at your ideal temperature.

There is a fully digital display that is easy to read. The buttons are easy to push. It is a user-friendly dehydrator. The only complaint that we came across was the fact that it does run rather loudly. Otherwise, it is a hardy dehydrator that can be used for anything you would like to dehydrate with ease.

Excalibur 2900ECB 9-Tray Economy Dehydrator

This is a large dehydrator. It has 9 plastic BPA-free trays with the poly screen insert that keeps foods from sticking to them.

Sticking food is a true waste because you end up losing half your food. While there are several other dehydrators by Excalibur on the market that feature 9 trays and 15 feet of drying space, there aren’t any that say economy.

The main difference between these devices is the wattage used. This one uses a mere 440 watts. That is comparable to the smaller models. You still get the awesome drying power. You still have an adjustable thermostat, the digital display, and the 7-inch fan, but you don’t have a timer.

You won’t like that it is loud; unfortunately, it is louder than most of the other dehydrators. You will definitely find yourself turning up the volume of the television when you hear the fan kick on.

Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator

This is an upgraded model of the other 9 tray model that we have already looked at. It features plenty of space to dehydrate food, but it also has a divider that can allow you to dry different foods at the same time with a little crossing of flavors.

It has trays with inserts so that they are easy to clean. It also runs at 600 watts. You will find that there is no timer, but there is a digital display and an on and off switch. The trays are completely removable, which isn’t the case with all dehydrators.


There are the top five in the Excalibur line. You can see that there are many different features that span the different models. It is completely up to what you need.

Before you go shopping, sit down and decide what features are important to you, which sizes you really want, and what wattage you are comfortable with. It will help you to find exactly what you want on the first try.

While this is a budget-friendly investment, it is an investment. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself an Excalibur food dehydrator!



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