Dehydration of Food: 9 Ways You Benefit

One frequent question on online forums is; what is the dehydration of food? Dehydrating food is a process whereby moisture or water is removed from food products, for example, fruits or vegetables by using a food dehydrator.

The result is that they become lighter and smaller, enabling you to carry them easily. It allows you to enjoy dried food that’s nutritious and tasty. This post gives you 9 reasons why you should consider purchasing a food dehydrator.

1.   Make jerky

A food dehydrator lets you make jerky fast. Jerky is a source of protein that delicious. It’s a good base of portable lunch for activities such as hiking or camping.

It enables you to make jerky that’s cheaper and better, compared to that bought in stores. A dehydrator lets you quickly prepare fish, beef or turkey jerky. It’s easy to make jerky using premixed jerky spices that allow you to achieve your desired tastes.

2.   Healthy food choices

When searching for answers on dehydrated foods, bear in mind that it’s one of the best ways to have healthy diets. The reason is that you can dehydrate fresh food—for example, mangoes, bananas, apples, or kale.

3.   Longer shelf life

A food dehydrator uses even heat to dry your food, which makes the food better compared to canned food products. This food can last at room temperature for months, or over a year in a refrigerator. You also don’t need preservatives or chemicals to store them.

4.   Dry your herbs

Purchasing a food dehydrator enables you to dry your herbs—for example, mustard, basil, rosemary, ginger, and mint. It has temperature controls; you can use it between 90°-105°F to dry your herbs for 2 hours.

5.   Buy food at a lower price

Food dehydrators also allow you to buy food at friendly prices.  You can buy foods that are in season, dry them, and then store them for later consumption.

Keep in mind that fruits are put on sale when ripe. Your dehydrator enables you to buy them in large quantities at friendly prices. You can buy fruits, such as peaches. and dry them into delicious peach wedges.

6.   Engages kids

You want your children to enjoy preparing healthy food. When drying food, such as vegetables or fruits, you need to wash them, cut them into pieces and arrange them on trays. Children love doing this. They also like being rewarded.

Dried foods, such as fruits, taste like taffy; that means you can reward them with dried fruit snacks as compared to giving them junk food or candy. Another way is by drying food such as bananas, mangos, strawberry, and watermelon. Depending on your kids’ favorite ones, it’s a great option.

7.   Food options

If you prefer fresh food, a dehydrator is a right device for you because it comes with an adjustable thermostat. It allows you to maintain temperatures of under 115°F. That lets you extend the drying time as most instructions tell you to dry them at 130°-140F°.

You can also use this device to warm sauces and soups at a low temperature. It also lets you make cookies, bread, and granola.

8.   Portable camping food

When going camping, you want to carry a light loads because you will be moving from place to place. A dehydrator enables you to make fresh and portable food.

You can dry large fruits such as watermelon into delicious “chips,” and then put them in a sandwich bag. You can also make food such as spaghetti portable using this device.

9.   Bigger garden

Dehydration of food also enables you to have a large garden because you don’t have to worry about producing too many vegetables or fruits. You can use your food dehydrator to dry and store food for later use. For instance, you can dry your carrots, tomatoes, peppers, peas and garlic.

When preparing to cook them, all you have to do is rehydrate them by adding them to your stews or soups. Another way is to make powder and vegetable flakes for use in salads, sauces, soups, and seasonings.


The information above should answer your questions about dehydrating foods, and how a dehydrator can benefit you and your family. Consider purchasing a food dehydrator as it can reduce your budget costs and help you enjoy a healthier diet.

Dehydration of Food: 9 ways you benefit

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