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There are various preservation techniques around the world, some as easy as using a lot of salt to some really complicated processes using UV radiation. All these wide ranges of preservation techniques are used in households and industry to preserve edibles. This clearly highlights the need for preservation.

Preservation helps increase the shelf life of the product. But in most of the preservation techniques, the quality of the product is compromised. This is really unacceptable when comes to food because in this case, quality is everything.

Some preservation techniques preserve the quality very well but demand the usage of preservatives. Dehydrating the food is the best solution out this problem.

Dehydrating the food slows the growth of the bacteria that destroys it. Dehydrating directly not only eliminates the need of using a preservative but also increases the quality of the food.

Commercially, dehydrators have gained a lot of popularity, but their household level popularity is also increasing with each passing day. No doubt, having one in hand is always advantageous. This technique is the safest and the healthiest way of preserving food, flowers, and spices.

The diversity of the area of application is amazing. With upcoming technology to optimize the product and the cost associated with its operations, it has become much more affordable than any other preserving technique.

Buying Guide

Since everybody wants to buy the best home dehydrator, there are various points which should be kept in mind while doing so. These factors closely affect a lot of things.


Requirement decides everything. This is one of the prime factors in deciding the type of dehydrator required. Yes, there are various types of dehydrators in the market and they all accomplish a specific task optimally.

Some dehydrators are optimized for the jerky while some of them are optimized for the spices. The general ones perform at an average for all the conditions. If you don’t know your requirements or are simply willing to buy a general one then it is okay. Otherwise, having a special one also helps a lot.


Having an eye for the optimized product is really good, but having one without any thought for budget could backfire. There are two kinds of costs that must be checked: The cost of the product and the cost of the process. Generally, the costly product dehydrates the food with lesser cost and is hence cheaper.

If you are going to use it a lot then the cost of the process can get significantly higher then spending a few more bucks on the device might sound fair. Otherwise, spending a whole lot of money for the rarely used devices is a bit of a waste.


It is somehow related to the requirements, but not directly. There are many products that are large in size and are much more optimized. There are also many products that achieve it with small sizes.

If you are an occasional user then having a big product will not only cost you more but also take up more space in the kitchen area. All these losses could be prevented easily if the size is decided properly.





Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator $$$ 4.6/5
Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator $ 4.2/5
Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator $ 4.5/5
Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator $ 4.5/5
Westinghouse WFD201W New Food Dehydrator $$ 4.4/5

Excalibur 3926 TB Food Dehydrator

While the market is focusing on optimizing the shorter, the Excalibur has taken the other way round to rule the market. It goes with the fundamental of Optimize the larger. Excalibur has truly solved the problem of people not being able to find a product big enough.

The product is a complete work of innovation over the other products available in the market. They have taken care of all the possible scenarios that might arise when it comes to large batch processing.


The general dimensions of the product are almost 12.5 x 17 x 19 inches and weigh around 22 pounds. The general power consumption is 600 W at 110 – 120 Volts. It comes with a 9 tray system with a very wide total of 15 square feet of heating area. It comes with an inbuilt power switch and a 26-hour timer.

The thermostat could be set to anything from 1060 – 1650 F. It works on a patented Parallex Horizontal Airflow technology. Also, the drying is done in a very different way as compared to other dehydrators.

Excalibur uses its Hyperwave fluctuation technology to protect it from spoilage while dehydrating them. It has a poly-screen tray insert. The fans introduced for a general and smooth heat flow is 7-inches long.


The product is a great advancement on the versions that serve the smaller batches. The product has a strong body as well as amazing heat insulation.

Amazing delivery options available in Sacramento, the USA, and California. It makes pretty efficient usage of the space provided. It doesn’t allow the food to clump or overlap each other while dehydrating.


Cannot be scaled up. The user interface is complicated. Only best for large batches of food. Not affordable for small scale usage.


The price is much more as compared to the other products but it is actually fair when you see the amount of work it does. Other products were not built for this scenario. If people know how to use this product then they can make the best out of the settings provided.

There is a very particular use case of this product. Excalibur has completely re-innovated many things and patented technologies required to work optimally in these scenarios.

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Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator

There are various dehydrators in the market. All of them have nearly the same strategy of selling their product. Proving their superiority over the other products in terms of efficiency and capacity. There are various ways of doing that.

Cuisinart DHR-20 claims to have one of the most optimum dehydrating technologies. It is compact in size. Although dehydrating has gained so much attention that most of the people try it on various objects.

This has caused a great expansion in the set of items that can be preserved by dehydration. This has increasingly posed challenges to the company to make more robust dehydrator with more flexibility.


The general dimensions of the product are 15.62 x 13.38 x 12 inches, weighs 7.8 pounds and works on 650 Watts. It comes in white – gray shade. The body is made up of plastic and allows it to be lightweight and better at insulation.

The fan speed could be easily adjusted to 3 preset values: Slow, medium and fast. These speeds determine the heat inside the container.


It is really easy to operate because not much options are available. The product is for small-scale simple usage. It works on lower voltages. The performance is at par with other patented technologies. It is well optimized for regular usage. It is very compact and portable. It can be scaled up to 9 trays.


The product doesn’t allow control over the thermostat. They merely allow controlling the fan. The control is not very flexible. The body is made of plastic, which is very compact but not rigid. It is costlier and the price increases when the extension is bought.

The extra trays are not included in the original packet. It is a bit difficult to learn. The storage provided by the product is a bit less.


It is really great when it comes to making healthy snacks. The dehydrator is made after taking in the scenario of the regular household usage. There are many such products which work on small scale requirements. This is the most simplified version any dehydrator could get.

There are a bit of discrepancy involved related to the usefulness of the product on large scale products. But this is a great product for beginners.

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Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Preservation is required regularly at a household level for various objects like fruits, food, and spices. Dehydration is the best form of preservation because it maintains quality as well as keeps the edible items healthy.

There is no requirement of any artificial preservatives and the food dehydrated is very tasty. The cost optimization is, however, a big problem. Nesco FD-75A does it better than any other product in the market. There is, however, a trade-off for everything. This is true for Nesco as well.


This product has a general dimension of 22.13 x 13.75 x 13.87 inches, weighs around 7.75 pounds and works best at the power of 700 Watts. This product has a white plastic body.

The product comes with a five tray system which could easily be scaled up to 12 tray systems. It comes with a patented Converga-Flow drying technology. It comes with a 52 recipe book with instructions to use the dehydrator.


It has a quick drying time and adjustable low drying temperatures. The preset temperatures help select the best one based on the scenario. It is really very easy to learn especially with the 52 recipe book to guide.


Scaling up is a bit costly: Since the product comes with a set of five trays and can be increased by 7 more trays, these trays are not involved in the original product. These trays and their respective holders have to be brought separately, which adds a lot of cost overhead to the product.

The body is made up of plastic. This reduces the cost of the product and in some way compensates for the investment done for the patented technology in the product. Because of that, the body is not as rigid as compared to the other products of similar nature.


This product has a great assurance of quality. Because of the patented technology involved in the heating, there is no product in the market that can achieve the standards set by these products.

Although the body is not as rigid as compared to the other products in the series, it is hardly necessary seeing the environment it will be used in. It’s compact design and the plastic body somehow manage to compliment each other.

With its ease of operation and the optimal performance, this dehydrator is the best for the basic household usage.

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Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Preservation by dehydration is one of the best methods. The cost of each step in preservation reduces a lot if done commercially, but keeping this cost low at a smaller scale is a challenging task.

There are a few techniques that help reduce some extra overheads but still the cost of the former is more than the latter. Presto has put in a lot of innovation in their product in this area.

They have optimized the material of the body as well as the power and storage capacity of the product to output required performance.


There are various features that make this product extremely usable at the household level. It is available in three versions: Standard, with fruit roll sheets and with mesh screens. Each version of the product focuses on a special element of dehydration.

If you are unaware of any aspect of the dehydration or are looking for something more general in nature then the standard is the best match.

It contains a Four-tray system. These four trays can have food kept and even stored for dehydration. These four plates could be scaled up to include four more plates, making this entire product an Eight tray system.

The dimensions of the product are 14.5 x 15 x 6.2 inches. The shipping weight of the product is 7.5 pounds. It works the best in the power range 600 W/120V – 60Hz.


The scalability of the product is simply amazing. A convertible that stretches from 4 trays to 8 trays. Some more heat flow optimizations like bottom mounted fan. This heats the entire cabin with least effort. The operating and handling becomes really easy with the transparent lid on the top of the cabin.


The body of the product is not that rigid since it is made up of plastic. This is the trade-off done to fit in optimization and budget under one hood. The entire structure of the system is engineered to work the best for even the simplest heating systems.


The product is the best for low scale and limited requirement dehydration task. The dishes are not that solid and the device goes into the override mode if it is given a lot of loads. There are more devices in the market that can perform a lot better with a lot of goods.

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Final Verdict

There is no one to one mapping that could be done here. Every single dehydrator is unique in its own way. Our requirements define what product will suit us the best.

Like, if you love beef jerky or any other jerky for that matter, all of them are equally able to cook them, so which one should we choose? Well, if you know nothing about dehydrating then take the cheapest product from the catalog, or even better the easiest one.

The smallest one would be both compact and usable like Nesco or Presto. If you want to start learning and are willing to go a long way then but something that is more scalable and is easy to learn.

There are many products in the range that come with a cookbook that helps you learn faster.

If you want a huge batch processed quickly and regularly and understand the system pretty well then products like Excalibur help a lot. But if you want something really small and affordable to get your hands on, Cuisinart is one of the easiest to operate the product.

Thus, all these product’s usefulness depends upon the knowledge and the requirement of the user.